My name is Matthew Branaugh, and I am Editor of Christianity Today’s Church Law & Tax Team. When I took the job, we couldn’t sell our home in Colorado before our relocation to Illinois. We spent three years renting it out. After our renters bailed, Christianity Today offered me the chance to move back to Colorado and lead the team from a home office.

Many years later, we are still going strong.

But it has taken time to become a long-distance leader. And “become” is an accurate way of describing it: I had to feel my way through myriad details. A lot of things went well. Some things didn’t.

With more managerial jobs shifting into telecommuting arrangements, more leaders find themselves feeling their ways through, too. I’m sharing what I have learned to help others who are leading others while working remotely. This site reflects those lessons. It also provides research, insights, tips, and wisdom I have gleaned from others along the way.

Together, we can lead well in the 21st century mobile workplace. Please join the conversation!

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